SkyVerse is a novel take on RPG and Sandbox Survival genre in First-Person-Perspective. Embark on the adventure with your friends – Build a base on a flying island-ship, gather resources, craft, loot, and fight while you rise above the clouds to uncover the mysteries of this world!

Capture the vast floating islands and venture into this expansive realm where the sky meets the sea and each horizon promises new adventures and undiscovered mysteries.

Experience freedom in shaping the world, according to your vision, with fully destructible environments.

Embark on a journey unlike any other as you take to the skies and set sail through boundless horizons!

Dive into battle armed with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. Battle through dungeons, where you will meet various foes that stand between you and the treasure.

Use a whole range of powerful magical staffs to get an edge in battle against challenging enemies, or support your friends through the arcane art of alchemy!

Step aboard your ship, a fortress that serves not just as your safe haven but also as your gateway to new adventures. This ship is more than just a vessel—it’s your home in the skies, where you craft essential items that will aid you on your journeys.

Adjust facial features, select from a variety of hairstyles and choose the skin tone that matches your liking!